Andrea McCluskey

Artist Bio

Andrea was born into a Polish-American community in Yonkers, New York. At an early age she heard two languages and experienced rich cultural celebrations. Her mother was an avid knitter and seamstress, sewing all of her clothes. Andrea’s father was a machinist for the Navy and later used his skills turning wood on a lathe. These experiences contributed to her identity as an artist.

Today Andrea looks to the natural world. Her work gravitates between polarities: biomorphic, round shapes juxtaposed to the grid, loose forms reigned in by straight lines.  Her bodies of work also mirror each other: black and white prints and colorful paintings.

Andrea McCluskey and Marie-Jo Binet have found themselves to be kindred spirits. The two artists have exhibited together and share an intellectual and aesthetic response to the world. And yet their work remains separate and individual.

Andrea currently divides her time between the studio and the classroom. Andrea teaches Design and Printmaking at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Her other passions include dancing, hiking, and gardening.

Public Collections

  1.   National Museum for Women in the Arts, Library and Research Center, Washington  DC.

  2.   Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland

  3.   Frederick Community College, Frederick, Maryland


  1.   Pyramid Atlantic, Papermaking and Printing Atelier, Silver Spring, MD

  2.   Montgomery College, Rockville, MD,  Relief Printmaking

  3.   Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, B.A. Arts 1977

Presentations and Awards

  1.   2005 NAEYC National Conference, Washington,  DC. 

     “Language and Literacy in the Art Studio:   A Program in Action”

  1.   Maryland Federation of Art Award of Merit  “Conjunct”


  1.   American Art Collector, Juried Competition of New Work, Vol. 1 Book 3

  2.   Alcove Books, Berkeley, California 2004

  3.   InPrint, Maryland Printmaker’s Newsletter, Vol. 12 No. 4 Dec. 2001

  4.   Frederick Magazine. Frederick, MD March 1999

  5.   Gazette, Montgomery Co. Edition, Jan 28, 1998

  6.   The New Paper, Frederick, MD Dec 13, 1996

  7.   KOAN, Silver Spring, MD April 1995

  8.   Frederick Magazine, Frederick, MD Sept 1993

Teaching Experience

  1.   Design, Relief Printmaking, Monotype

     Hood College, Frederick, MD


  1.   Lucy School

     Arts Based Preschool

     Middletown, MD

     Artist-in-residence 2003

     Director Visual Art Program 2004-Present